Laísa Souza is in London!

And ‘Tango for You’ is honoured to have her co-present a series of 5 intermediate level workshops that may be taken individually or as a package.

The complete series will offer a progressive journey through different technical areas, to create real, tangible improvements.

Wed Nov 3rd (8-10pm): Communication & connection – learn essential tools to feel and connect more effectively with your partners

Wed Nov 17th (8-10pm): Spirals & pivots – find more stability and understand the concept of spiral, broken down in clear accessible explanation

Wed Dec 1st (8-10pm): Embrace – elasticity & efficiency – the embrace is a very powerful tool, discover how to use it for a more comfortable and mutually supportive dance

Wed Dec 8th (8-10pm): Muscular tone & dynamics – the capacity to transition from slow to fast motion and vice versa makes your dance much more versatile, learn how to do it better

Wed Dec 15th (8-10pm): Interpretation = movement & music – every dance can be a unique, unrepeatable experience. Discover how to connect with music and your partners with less “autopilot patterns”.

Marshall Street Leisure Centre

15 Marshall St,